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Private Rehab With Celebrity Doctor Harry Haroutunian

While most high-end celebrity rehab centers are on the West Coast thanks to the proximity to Hollywood, brand new high-end and private pay facilities are becoming increasingly popular all over.

Sure there are well known private rehabs that have boasted about high-profile celebrities like Britney Spears, Ben Affleck, Diana Ross and Lindsay Lohan. Because of this the word “private” is often associated with the word “luxury”. Private experiences like these famous rehabs are considered exclusive, and the exclusivity makes these places even more appealing.

Dr. Harry Haroutunian has a high profile rehab option with patients from all over the world, which outshines all the rest-because of its success. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment with Dr. Harry is quickly becoming the popular choice for celebrities, executives and other high profile people in need of exclusive rehabilitation. The benefit of concierge medicine with Dr. Harry is versatility; getting treatment with Dr. Harry and his team can be a private luxury experience away from home, in home treatments or remotely.

Why Private Rehab? Luxury & Exclusivity

Fighting and addiction can be difficult for anyone but especially when you are a celebrity or other high-profile person, the difficulties may be even more challenging for you. The paparazzi and media seem to relish coverage of troubles facing high profile people, and inaccurate social media can tarnish public image. That’s why a private rehabilitation is perfect for high profile individuals.

Studies consistently show a patient’s likelihood of staying clean and sober is in part correlated to the efficacy of their original treatment. Since giving treatment it’s required time is so vital, Dr. Harry works to help ensure that his patients detox and rehabilitation treatment is more comfortable.

In addition to a full detox and rehabilitation program Dr. Harry can provide posh facilities and holistic healing strategies. If the amenities are extremely important and a vacation or spa like setting is required for celebrity and other high profile guests, Dr. Harry can arrange that. Luxurious amenities and exclusive benefits could include: stylish living quarters, ocean views, detox massage, private chef’s, yoga, meditation, equine therapy, massage rooms, a gym, personal trainer, terrace, swimming pools, gourmet chefs with individually designed nutritional meals and tennis courts.

Betty Ford Rehab: Dr. Harry’s Experience

“I just fell in love with the practice of addiction medicine and the Betty Ford Center and the folks out here and decided it was time to shift gears.”
-Dr. Harry

Dr. Harry has garnered a reputation for his private luxury rehab facility for celebrities who are recovering from addiction because of his own personal understanding of the disease of addiction

Many years ago, Dr. Harry ran an active sports medicine practice, but his focus changed when he visited Rancho Mirage’s Betty Ford Center as a patient! He was concerned about his relationship with alcohol, and knew that his family was “riddled with alcoholism.”

After completing his personal recovery program, Haroutunian began volunteering and then became the center’s Physician Director of Day Treatment, Clinical Diagnostic Evaluation, and the Professionals Program.

The Betty Ford Clinic was established by former first lady Betty Ford and has earned the reputation as a rehab facility for high-profile individuals. As is the case with other high-profile celebrity rehab centers, one of the many benefits of the Betty Ford clinic is privacy during a challenging time.

As a doctor in the trenches at Betty Ford Dr. Harry had a large dose of celebrity clientele, affording him the opportunity to really clarify the need for an exclusive and private concierge rehab program.

Dr. Harry Addiction Detox, Rehab And Treatment

“My biggest challenge is convincing people that [addiction is] a chronic disease that is treatable, not curable, and must be treated for life. As soon as they let up on their recovery discipline … the disease looks for a crack in the armor and will find its way back into that person’s life.”
-Harry L. Haroutunian M.D.

Dr. Haroutunian is a physician, educator and internationally known lecturer and entrepreneur. Known by all his patients as “Dr. Harry,” he has written several books on the topic of addiction and has gained notoriety around the world from his lectures on substance abuse and treatment. 

If you’ve ever done a web MD search on addiction, detox or recovery and treatment you may well be familiar with Dr. Harry. He is a regular contributor to WebMD, answering many questions from families and an individual with inquires about addiction. 

With his own personal understanding of the unique approaches necessary to treat professionals, Dr. Harry has created a highly effective program to help address the needs of professionals and executives who require quality residential rehab for drug and alcohol treatment.

When professional responsibilities are deterring you or someone close to you from getting the proper care for a problem with substance abuse, executive rehabilitation treatments with Dr. Harry will be invaluable. With private addiction detox and rehab you can get sober, and STAY sober.

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