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California Private Alcohol Treatment With Dr. Harry

In California, private alcohol treatment is usually associated with celebrities and the rich and famous staying in luxury detox facilities known as “Rehabs.” However, some of these flashy pseudo recovery spas that keep cropping up around California do not always offer the most effective care. In some of these rehabs employing properly licensed, experienced and trained staff is not necessarily a requirement.

Truly beneficial private alcohol treatment has come out of the necessity for more efficient long-term solutions to the addiction epidemic facing our country. Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian has made a commitment to setting a new benchmark for top tier clinical detox in a luxury environment, providing the finest care in private alcohol treatment. Private addiction detox with Dr. Harry has become noticeably one of the best in California because of his renowned success stories and because of his compassionate and caring relationship with clients.

No matter what your specific personal or professional lifestyle needs may be, Dr. Harry has an alcohol detox and treatment process that raises the standards in private detox, offering the very best in clinical compassionate care in California.

California Private Alcohol Treatment Is Progressive

Not everybody can or should be treated for alcohol addiction the same way. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution!

Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian (or simply “Dr. Harry” to his patients) provides private luxury alcohol detox, treatment and after care rehabilitation for all substance abuse addictions to a variety of extremely successful and accomplished clients. Some of his clients need to avoid the spotlight, and others simply need a higher level of treatment modalities, seamless intake, detox and recovery.

Just like a celebrity client, you may find yourself in the position of needing discretion and privacy so that your addiction doesn’t threaten your professional accomplishments. Private Treatment may be the answer.

California’s alcohol addiction treatment community is among the most progressive.The liberal minded ‘humanity first’ holistic attitudes of the majority of California residents has led to the development of forward thinking innovations in treatment for people suffering with the disease of addiction.

Your private treatment for substance abuse can be delivered through Dr. Harry’s Outpatient Center, in-home care with 24-hour staff, locally in accommodations of the client’s choosing and even remotely via tele-health.

Private alcohol treatment benefits:

• Optimal environment conducive to mental/emotional health
• Solid sobriety foundation
• Confidentiality
• Safety & seclusion
• Better chances for long-term recovery
• High level of medical services
• Selective luxury amenities
• Stabilization to manage withdrawal symptoms

An alcoholic or recovering drug addict who is seeking progressive treatment in California is likely to encounter cutting-edge Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) or the newest medicinal uses of CBD and it’s health and wellness capabilities. It is this integration of a variety of different treatment styles that makes California such an alluring place for alcohol treatment.

Dr. Harry and his team can create a solution for you and will use any resource available, and all aspects of care, to bundle the ultimate service delivery that can condense months, or even years, of treatment into a shorter timeframe.

The Best Private Treatment For Alcohol Addiction: Dr. Harry

Since California is clearly a hub for addiction detox and drug treatment centers and services you should look for the best doctor to treat you or someone you love. There is no better place to take your first steps on your road to recovery than with Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian. “Dr. Harry” is a detox specialist offering a highly exclusive private alcohol and drug detox program. Dr. Harry’s detox is suitable for alcoholics and addicts who need the speediest recovery with minimal discomfort and distraction. With Dr. Harry you are going to receive the best possible advice, and an exclusive detox package at high-class facility, helping you start down the road to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

There is no need to worry about inpatient or outpatient, quick assessments help you navigate wither or not you need Dr. Harry’s private residence or in home private treatment. Dr. Harry’s team consists of a clinical director, neuropsychologist, case manager, an executive personal assistant, a licensed marriage and family therapist counselor, an operations manager, a nutritionist, sober coach and even a fitness expert.

One of the best benefits of private treatment is that each completely discreet option is tailored to your specific needs, time constraints, and financial resources. The entire process for treatment is managed from a “holistic” standpoint, with a solution involving biological, psychological, social and spiritual interventions. Eastern medicine, alternative therapies and treatments like yoga, meditation or acupuncture are highlights of holistic addiction treatment. Though evidence-based therapies are necessary, these treatments are used to augment the recovery process. 

Dr. Harry’s practice was built for those individuals who desperately need relief from an addiction lifestyle—whether it is for the first time or after prior attempts in treatment.

Start your recovery and change your life!
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