30th April 2020 in Addictions Treatment

Addiction Recovery With Dr. Harry: United By Social Distance

Known by patients and colleagues as “Dr. Harry,” Harry L. Haroutunian is an addiction recovery specialist, and runs the premiere concierge medicine clinic in all of southern California. Dr. Harry is both a renowned physician and author and his commitment to drug and alcohol treatment is legendary. The recent effects of social distancing have presented many people in recovery with an added level of fear. However, as part of his ongoing efforts to facilitate optimal recovery and addiction treatment, Dr. Harry is continuing to treat and manage many clients some of whom have found a deepened sense of fellowship despite the social distancing.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a global effect and we are all experiencing new and unfamiliar territory that is most certainly unsettling. The social distancing and this somewhat dystopian lifestyle thrust upon us has put the entire world into a state of shock. But in times of crisis we are also presented with opportunity, and nobody knows this better than addicts in recovery. 

In effect, we have become united by the social distancing: the pandemic has created more flexible use of technology, less polarization, a revived appreciation for the outdoors and life’s other simple joys is only part of the new recovery we are all experiencing. This is the great paradox and the newfound addiction recovery that Dr. Harry and the team are focusing on. We have expanded our online communication, which has added more connection. We are communicating more often and with more people, and lately even with people who are far away. The social distance has provided a silver lining that is a new sense of community and appreciation for many little things we may have taken for granted.

Self-seeking behavior has become a trait that is most unworthy of the COVID-19 pandemic and in effect broadened everyone’s awareness of what us twelve steppers already knew: that we are stronger together. The new recovery is quite ironic and nevertheless very real: we have become even more united by social distancing and our program recovery, it’s values and ethics even more widely accepted.

Addiction Recovery With Dr. Harry

As those of us in recovery are forced to reorient our relationship to our higher power, ourselves, to the outside world, even to each other, now is the time to whip out some of those tools from our recovery bag of tricks! Dr. Harry knows that one of the biggest challenges is convincing people that addiction is a chronic disease that is treatable, not curable. The disease looks for a crack in the armor and will find its way back into a person’s life if they let up on their recovery discipline.  

There is absolutely no way to sugarcoat the virus, which has already had devastating consequences for people all over the world, and may continue in the months ahead. There have been precious lives lost and entire communities thrown into financial hardship. Until there is a cure, this virus is forcing us to use the Internet as a way to connect with each other, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to pressing problems. It’s become a somewhat healthy, humane version of a digital recovery culture. There is no way to perfectly substitute for in-person interaction, however accepting the things that we cannot change and focusing on what we can is one of the infamous 12 step tenets… that actually works- If you work it.

The pandemic has driven change and as addicts in recovery we are very familiar with the ethos that we must change or die; that evolving, growing and deepening our spiritual practice and commitment to being honest open and willing is how we maintain sobriety and continue to thrive. The challenge has been keeping faith alive under the adverse conditions. In the past month alone contemplative practices like meditation and yoga have gained in popularity and the entire world has become more compassionate, empathetic and generous in one fell swoop. These are the things that need to be focused on in order for us to push though onward and upward.

Staying Sober: Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression in recovery that “wherever your attention goes energy flows”. Now more than ever during this time of quarantine it is essential that part of our new recovery practice means doing things like reading empowering material, whether it’s recovery based or something else uplifting, listening to guided meditations, and flowing our energy and attention towards positivity. Our attention and therefore the energy that we are generating and creating have a very real and profound effect on our daily lives. Constantly watching the news, getting caught up in the headlines and obsessing about things that are out of our control can weigh down energetically and potentially lead to relapse mentality and behaviors.

Help is here and is more readily available than ever before. Hundreds of thousands of people find themselves at home, practicing social distancing and living with feeling of fear, depression and isolation. Dr. Harry is here for you even if you are opting for a virtual consultation and counseling over in person treatment. If you want to feel better and stay sober, concierge medicine with Dr. Harry is right at your fingertips. You are one click away from taking advantage of the newfound recovery. Now more than ever we need to be vigilant about staying sober and maintaining sobriety no matter what.

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