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Treatment Solutions

Dr. Harry Haroutunian, M.D. is a Southern California provider of addiction medicine services with offices in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills, California. We conquer one of the greatest public health risks that touches the lives of most people and destroys countless families every day.

Treatment Solutions with Dr. Harry Being Sober

Treatment Solutions with Dr. Harry Being Sober

Dr. Harry’s Recovery & Wellness & Network is led by its President and Founder, Harry Haroutunian, M.D., a well-respected industry leader who envisioned a place of hope and healing for the entire system, rather than just the individual.

Our philosophy aligns with the position of most medical associations that addiction is a disease and needs to be treated with medical expertise. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse defines addiction as, “…a complex disease of the brain and body that involves compulsive use of one or more substances despite serious health and social consequences. Addiction disrupts regions of the brain that are responsible for reward, motivation, learning, judgment and memory.  It damages various body systems as well as families, relationships, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods.”

The damage this disease inflicts on the environment outside of the host is rivaled by only a few other diseases and this outlines the need for a broad range of treatment options and services in order to attack from all fronts.

  • Addiction Medicine Assessments
  • Clinical Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Detox and Withdrawal Management
  • Professionals Treatment (Healthcare, Aviation, Entertainers, Lawyers, Licensed Professionals)
  • Advocacy Services
  • Consultations
  • Treatment Planning
  • Family Education/therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Concierge Medicine
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Neuropsychological Testing
  • Monitoring (long term)
  • Case Management
  • Organizational Consultation Services
  • Facility Startup Consults
  • Physician Assistant Supervision
  • Educational Lectures
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Tele-Health Services

With our in-house staff and network of providers, we develop unique and individualized treatment plans which are designed without requiring our clients to leave their entire life behind for a month or more. We partner with some of the nation’s most well-known and respected facilities, and this network is at the disposal of all our clients. Our team understands that each client deserves a treatment solution that is as unique as they are. This disease affects everyone differently and there is not a standard solution for everyone. It takes a team and an individualized approach to effectively change the course of our clients’ lives.

As we look to the future, we believe in a day when society is no longer a victim or held hostage by addiction’s wake of devastation and destruction. This may be a wild dream on the grand scale, but the answers for you are already here. We can help get you to that place of freedom, but it has to start with appropriate, individualized treatment solutions which cater to your specific needs.