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“It’s with my deepest regret and heartfelt sorrow that, to the extent of the nature of the beast (addictions in general), I must tell you that I won’t be getting high in the foreseeable future (except on my own bad ass) due to the Betty Ford Center and your one-of-a-kind experience, strength and to-die-for hope, followed by an ancient teaching tool called Harry Har Har experiential hands-on psychological storytelling. My recovery is due exclusively to the Betty Ford Center, your friendship and your words of wisdom, and, of course, my own trashed knees from repeatedly falling onto them.” -Steven Tyler-Foreword to “Being Sober”

“Not As Prescribed is a valiant effort at helping concerned loved ones and caregivers of older adults understand the dynamic behind these issues, why they haven’t gone away, and why they are only getting worse.” -Susan Ford Bales-Daughter of President and Mrs. Ford on Dr. Harry’s book, “Not as Prescribed” from the foreword

Dr. Harry: Your Private Alcoholism Treatment - Dr Harry

Dr. Harry: Your Private Alcoholism Treatment – Dr Harry

“After years of struggling with the disease of alcoholism and staying sober, I made one of the best decisions of my life and reached out to Dr. Harry Haroutunian also known as Dr. Harry.  From my first phone calls and in person meetings with his team members, I knew I was finally on the road to receiving the help I needed and was made to feel a part of Dr. Harry’s family.  After meeting with Dr. Harry in person, a personal program for long term recovery was set in place. This included small group therapy with others also suffering from the disease of addiction, one on one therapy in which I am able to discuss my own particular needs, personal sessions with Dr. Harry and 24/7 care and assistance if needed for any reason. Dr. Harry and his team have made the sometimes difficult road to recovery so much easier and one I feel I am able to obtain with such sincere and knowledgeable support. I look forward to participating in group sessions and consider the other members friends. I also consider Dr. Harry and his team members great friends as well and in my case, life savers. Thanks to Dr. Harry, not only am I sober but living a fulfilling and satisfying life in which I take great joy. Thank you Dr. Harry and to all your team members!” ~Polly

“I have known Dr. Harry for years and he was the only person I called when I needed help. Six years later I am sober, married with kids and live a life beyond my wildest dreams. Dr. Harry has never stopped believing in me and has supported me every step of the way.” ~Keenen

“Harry has a gift and that gift is an uncanny ability to help people, whatever ails them.” ~Chris

“There is only one Dr. Harry and there is only one person you need to call if you are struggling with addiction.” ~Ryan

“Doc Harry far exceeds his reputation! He has great compassion for his clients, deep intuition, as well as great skills as a physician. His aftercare is a lifelong connection that goes beyond any other program. For a long term addict like myself, having Dr. Harry in my corner has been a great part of my success in getting sober for 16 months to date, and continuing to see Doc Harry on a regular basis. His office staff is also terrific and together they complete the package! I am immensely grateful to Doc Harry for everything he has done to help get my life back from the grips of addiction, he is the best!” ~A. Justin N.

“Because of the help and care I received under Dr. Harry Haroutunian, Joe Boss, and all of Dr. Harry’s team as a whole, I personally feel better than a new person.  I’m the person that was always there, but had no clue how to get to come out,  now I’m me.  Being me today feels a lot better than it did a year ago.   I thank the team with my whole heart and feel forever connected spiritually.” ~Hannah

“I was blessed with the opportunity to undergo treatment with Dr. Harry and his world class team.  My addiction took me to far greater lengths that I ever conceived possible.  I never imagined the dark places drugs and alcohol would take me.  This was my 12th rehab and 9th detox after 8 years sober.  While in treatment I was gently guided through a series of therapeutic processes.  Dr. Harry was able to reach me with his compassionate knowledgeable approach.  I was able to open the door to my trauma and see the issues buried within my being, the driving force behind my substance abuse. The intensive work I put in under Dr. Harry’s care has changed my entire universe.  Dr. Harry saved my life, all while helping me create a new one.” ~Lindsay 

“I have always been impressed by Dr. Harry. His story and his success gave me hope as a Licensed Medical Professional suffering from the disease of addiction. To this day Dr. Harry checks in on me and is a big reason why I am still sober 5 years later.” ~Rick

Highly Recommended By 5+ Local Business Owners!

“The Dean!” ~Dale Gribow, Law Office of Dale Gribow
James Barry from James Barry PsyD, LAADC
Monica Xu from Dr. Monica Xu, ND
Lianna Brutiu from Sophiana’s Heart of an Angel Home Care, Inc.

“During my service Betty Ford Center as Director of Family and Outpatient Services, I had the pleasure and privilege of working alongside Dr. Harry as he presented our family members with a weekly lecture on the Disease of Addiction. His approach was kind, informative and inclusive. Families always enjoyed and learned from these lectures. I also witnessed him compassionately supporting patients entering treatment and giving them not only his medical expertise but his personal approach. I highly recommend Dr. Harry and his services.” ~Mary McGraw Gordon, Inner Direction Recovery

“While searching for outpatient treatment options, a friend recommended Dr. Harry Haroutunian‘s program. After speaking with Dr. Haroutunian and meeting his staff, I felt safe in a terrifying situation. I immediately started with their outpatient program and was very pleased with my progress under their tutelage. Sadly, my insurance would not authorize their treatment facility so I opted to pay out-of-pocket as long as I could. After two months of excellent care and support, I just couldn’t afford to continue with their program. Amazingly Dr. Haroutunian contacted me a week after I had left the program and offered me a scholarship. I couldn’t believe my luck! I am able to continue my group participation. There are no words to express how grateful I am for this opportunity” ~SS

“I met Dr. Harry after a failed string of detox procedures and rehabs. I had relapsed on drugs after almost 40 years sober and I felt lost. Harry showed me the way to find my self esteem and my will to not be controlled by this disease. He and an associate working with him encouraged me to take on a very life affirming project even as I was coming off of a debilitating habit. Since then Harry has been much more than just an addiction therapist shepherding me through several major surgeries and embracing my study and practice of a Buddhist belief system”~D.T.

I wanted to send a message of a long overdue thank you, for the much needed recovery I received from all of you. Especially a big thank you for the financial scholarship I received, when I did not have the means to pay for at the time. I had many years of relapses, till I found Dr. Harry and this wellness center.
Today, I have a life beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Grateful to all of you, I pray that others receive and enjoy the gift of recovery like I did. ~G.T.