- Testimonials For Dr. Harry

Testimonials For Dr. Harry

“It’s with my deepest regret and heartfelt sorrow that, to the extent of the nature of the beast (addictions in general), I must tell you that I won’t be getting high in the foreseeable future (except on my own bad ass) due to the Betty Ford Center and your one-of-a-kind experience, strength and to-die-for hope, followed by an ancient teaching tool called Harry Har Har experiential hands-on psychological storytelling. My recovery is due exclusively to the Betty Ford Center, your friendship and your words of wisdom, and, of course, my own trashed knees from repeatedly falling onto them.” -Steven Tyler-Foreword to “Being Sober”

“Not As Prescribed is a valiant effort at helping concerned loved ones and caregivers of older adults understand the dynamic behind these issues, why they haven’t gone away, and why they are only getting worse.” -Susan Ford Bales-Daughter of President and Mrs. Ford on Dr. Harry’s book, “Not as Prescribed” from the foreword

Testimonials about Dr. Harry Being Sober

Testimonials about Dr. Harry Being Sober

“I have known Dr. Harry for years and he was the only person I called when I needed help. Six years later I am sober, married with kids and live a life beyond my wildest dreams. Dr. Harry has never stopped believing in me and has supported me every step of the way” -Keenen

“Harry has a gift and that gift is an uncanny ability to help people, whatever ails them” -Chris

“There is only one Dr. Harry and there is only one person you need to call if you are struggling with addiction” -Ryan

“I have always been impressed by Dr. Harry. His story and his success gave me hope as a Licensed Medical Professional suffering from the disease of addiction. To this day Dr. Harry checks in on me and is a big reason why I am still sober 5 years later.” -Rick



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