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dr-harry-recovery-month Addiction Recovery And Those Built In Forgetters With Dr. Harry

In the world of addiction recovery it is said that the main issue of alcoholism and addiction centers in our spiritual condition and in our minds.

Dr-harry-summer-sober Dr. Harry: 8 Amazing Tips For Living Sober This Summer

Tips from Dr. Harry for living sober this summer. How can addicts in recovery stay sober this summer and not drink or use?

dr-harry-sober-summer Alcohol Addiction: Do You Need A Sober Summer?

Many people in Southern California who are struggling with an alcohol addiction or dependence, view the summertime as a very challenging time to stay sober.

clean house Cleaning House: It’s Time To Get Clean & Sober With Dr. Harry

Getting addiction treatment for any substance abuse is just a click away. Reach out to Dr. Harry and take that first step at cleaning house today.

The Importance Of Having An Expert Do An Intervention

An intervention specialist is an expert with certification, training and experience in staging a successful intervention to help addicted people break their cycle of denial.

Aftercare: Addiction Rehabilitation & Aftercare With Dr. Harry

Completing addiction treatment from drugs or alcohol is a major accomplishment, however, it doesn’t mean that there’s not more work to do afterwards.

Dr. Harry: How To Keep Your New Years Recovery Resolutions

Now that we are well into 2019, people nationwide are focused on bettering themselves and sticking to their New Years Resolutions.

California Private Alcohol Treatment With Dr. Harry

In California, private alcohol treatment is usually associated with celebrities and the rich and famous staying in luxury detox facilities known as “Rehabs”.

Private Rehab With Celebrity Doctor Harry Haroutunian

While most high-end celebrity rehab centers are on the West Coast thanks to the proximity to Hollywood, brand new high-end and private pay facilities are becoming increasingly popular all over.

Concierge Addiction Medicine With Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian, MD

A lot has been written recently about the arising need in the world of medicine for concierge medical treatment and approaching addiction as a disease. Whether you agree that it is a disease or not, addiction is a condition that can permeate and debilitate a persons life if not properly treated.