10th May 2020 in Addictions Treatment

The Twelve Steps Of Recovery For Coping With COVID-19: Dr. Harry

Coping in times of stress is hard for anyone but especially for people struggling with addiction. It is essential now more than ever to continue to take care of our body, mind, and spirit and to stay connected even while physically quarantined. If you or a loved one is struggling to cope during this crisis you are not alone. Dr. Harry and his team treat hundreds of people just like you who suffer with addiction disorders or substance abuse. We know first hand that addiction is a disease that can permeate and debilitate your life if not properly treated. At this tense time in your life, it’s imperative to seek out expert concierge drug treatment with Dr. Harry.

While working in the field of addiction treatment and recovery for many years Dr. Harry has seen how often anxiety and depression are a package deal with addiction. Fear about the Coronavirus can take a toll especially for people who are already in recovery or trying to get clean and sober during this pandemic.

While the possibilities of what can happen can be scary to think about, being proactive can help relieve at least some of the fear and anxiety. Staying well informed about what is happening in your community, so that you can follow advised safety precautions and do your part to slow the spread of coronavirus is one clear step you can take.

However, as things move forward it is vital that we take steps towards acceptance and action. We may be powerless over addiction and even a virus, but that doesn’t mean we are completely powerless over everything. Addicts in recovery tend to get pulled in to the spiral of watching the headlines and feeling overwhelming dread and panic, however, it’s important to take a moment to pause, breathe and recognize that there are things you can do to manage the fears and anxiety and cope with the COVID-19 crisis. As more information becomes available and as our awareness of the new realities prevails, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to put the twelve steps and principles of recovery into practice.

Dr. Harry Helping With Twelve Steps Of Recovery

Many of us in recovery have found that much of our anxiety and fear of things that are beyond our control was lifted by practicing the twelve steps of recovery.

Anxiety can be very threatening to our daily lives. It’s something that many people struggle to cope with and often comes as a package deal with alcohol and drug addiction. When you meet and speak with people who understand what you’re going through, it’s easier to talk about everything involved with your addiction. Talking about your thoughts, which lead to feelings and therefore actions, is one of the best ways to cope with your anxiety in recovery.

Obtaining emotional and physical wellness is greatly enhanced through any of the many twelve steps programs. When your mind is at rest, your body can be as well.  Admitting powerlessness over certain people, places and things, acknowledging a higher power, doing a moral inventory, admitting personal wrongs and all of the other step work can help you cope during these trying times.

Dr. Harry can help create a personalized concierge addiction treatment plan utilizing the twelve steps of recovery program and helping guide you through recovery. Your anxiety will feel easier to manage through the use of the 12-step program, detoxing, and addiction therapy. The freedom from addiction, fear, and regret can be replaced with serenity and peace of mind. With more of a focus on others, and less self-seeking behavior your whole outlook and attitude towards life can change.

Dr. Harry Concierge Addiction Treatment During COVID-19

If fear and anxiety have caused you to act out and increase your patterns of substance abuse and addiction, now is the time to work with Dr. Harry to help plan a course of action using the twelve steps of recovery.

With Dr. Harry, your treatment will actually go beyond the twelve steps; we believe that it’s vital to target the root of the addiction issue, to cultivate deep, lasting sobriety and healing. A 12-step program alone will lack the necessary resources to properly analyze and treat these issues, which can lead to better long-term success rates for patients.

Concierge drug or alcohol addiction treatment is a form of drug and alcohol treatment that is uniquely tailored to each individual. While most inpatient and outpatient treatments follow rigid schedules that offer broad-spectrum care, Dr. Harry’s concierge treatment programs go above and beyond to create one-on-one, personalized, drug, and addiction treatment in a comfortable, experienced, private and safe environment.

Dr. Harry is here to help with concierge addiction treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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