30th June 2020 in Addictions

Light At The End Of the Tunnel: Positive Recovery Plans With Dr. Harry

At Dr. Harry’s, we understand that being in recovery is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll ever face. It’s easy to fall back into old habits or negative and dark ways of thinking. With the help of Dr. Harry and his team you can learn ways to put a positive spin on the current situation and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Putting the focus on only one thing can give us tunnel vision, whether it’s focusing on a problem, a situation or even solely focusing on staying sober. Living healthy may be an American obsession, especially in southern California; but for people in recovery, healthy sober living, and positivity while living in sobriety is actually a matter of life or death.

Dr. Harry and our team of Concierge Addiction and Recovery Specialists at the Harry Haroutunian Professional Corporation understand that battling addiction is a life-long journey and that the road to recovery can be paved with many challenges. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel of addiction takes time, assistance and an extremely solid foundation for success in sobriety. Staying sober and learning about getting into good habits is one thing, but continuing to maintain them takes a concerted effort and commitment.

With Dr. Harry’s help you can create a blueprint for success and map out a recovery plan that helps keep you focused on the light and away from the darkness. Depending on how long you were addicted and what type of addiction you had, (and if there are any co-occurring disorders or other medical conditions) you should have a plan for healthy ways of living in sobriety. It’s all a process, with the aim of progress, not perfection!

A Positive Plan Of Action For Recovery With Dr. Harry

As with any good plan, you need a solid foundation. What seems to work best for addicts in recovery are simple solutions, to typical daily challenges… we are, after all, slightly complicated people! Working with a concierge addiction specialist like Dr. Harry is not only helpful to detox or for immediate addiction help. Working with Dr. Harry is also extremely effective for post-rehab or post-treatment and after care. Continuing with a physician assisted aftercare program is an important component of maintaining healthy sober living and staying focused on living a great quality life in sobriety.

When it comes to putting your focus on positive actions sometimes it isn’t just a matter of stepping away from the problem or situation, but more about stepping towards something that is outside your old routine or habits to purposefully clear your mind and make way for fresh new perspectives. In fact many psychologists agree that people tend to be more inspired when they are open to new experiences.

Here is a Positivity Plan Of Action List Of Suggestions:

  • Exposure to health-promoting environments has been increasingly recognized for both preventing and helping treat diseases.  Get out in nature as much as possible. Fresh air and sunshine are wonderful antidotes for depression and anxiety. Try out simple activities like walking, hiking, biking and surfing to establish a deeper connection with nature. Nature has the power to nurture.  Exposure to any green space can often be a breath of fresh air. While you’re out for a walk, use that phone you are so attached to and take some great pics.
  • Meditations for positivity are an extremely useful sobriety hack for people who are newly sober as well as people with plenty of time in recovery.  Be present and grounded in the moment, learning to constructively redirect your neutral pathways. Get quiet, be still, focus on your breath and listen to one of the many thousands of suggested guided meditations. Soon everything becomes much more manageable. You can even practice ‘Living Meditations’ by just being in the moment and not wishing you could be somewhere else (or someone else). Meditating is using your coping mechanisms at the right time. While your mind relaxes, it might be an excellent time to keep a free writing journal handy where you can capture your thoughts, no matter how strange they might seem to you.
  • A really great recovery tool is to create snack-sized tasks. Split each of your bigger goals or jobs into small, manageable tasks that you can call “action steps.” After every action step that you complete make sure to take a break. Congratulate yourself. Take a moment to reflect. Taking a few breaks throughout the day means that you can add to your journal about positive accomplishments. 
  • Put some positivity into your Social Media time: So maybe you find that spinning out down the social media rabbit hole is something you’ve been obsessing about? No worries. Take a deep breath, and recognize that social media can also be a great source for inspiration, knowledge and positivity. Practice mindfulness in your social media feeds and weed through your social media accounts thoughtfully so that the next time you reach for your phone, you are greeted with healthy and positive content! If you find that you really need help with social media abuse, set certain times of the day to allow yourself time to use social media. Set a timer for 5 to 20 min and stop when the alarm goes off.
  • Allow yourself to feel the power of “no”. While that may sound contradictory to our whole positivity mission it is actually very much in alignment with staying in the light. As we continue to grow in sobriety we learn that not everything feels “ right” and more and more we intuitively know how to handle situations, which used to baffle us. Part of this means protecting your valuable time by saying “no” more often. This is easier said than done, but remember that you’re not obligated to accept every request of you and that it’s ok to do what is right for you. Staying focused on doing the next right thing for you on your path to recovery is largely about self-care. And sometimes that means saying “no”!

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel: Dr. Harry Is Here To Help

While we can’t control what is happening around us sometimes even happening to us, we can control our reactions to these events.  We can control our openness to new experiences, our willingness to take actions towards health and positivity, seeking out different perspectives and positivity. At this challenging time in the world and in your life, it’s essential to seek out the expert concierge drug and alcohol addiction treatment with Dr. Harry.

Dr. Harry’s team knows that part of the concern for a person who is choosing to seek treatment for substance abuse and addictions is that once they exit the facility and re-enter their normal lives it may just be too difficult and painful to deal with.