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Spring Forward In Recovery! Addiction Treatment With Dr. Harry

Spring is a wonderful time of year to do a little bit of recovery house cleaning and to “spring forward” in our programs of recovery. Dr. Harry Haroutunian (a.k.a. Dr. Harry) is the author of “Being Sober: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting To, Getting Through and Living in Recovery, “and co-author of “Hijacking the Brain: How Drug […]

Aftercare: Addiction Rehabilitation & Aftercare With Dr. Harry

Completing addiction treatment from drugs or alcohol is a major accomplishment, however, it doesn’t mean that there’s not more work to do afterwards.

Dr. Harry: How To Keep Your New Years Recovery Resolutions

Now that we are well into 2019, people nationwide are focused on bettering themselves and sticking to their New Years Resolutions.

California Private Alcohol Treatment With Dr. Harry

In California, private alcohol treatment is usually associated with celebrities and the rich and famous staying in luxury detox facilities known as “Rehabs”.

What Is The Best Way To Detox? The First Step To Getting Sober

In a world filled with so many toxic influences it’s no wonder the most popular web search is for “what is the best way to detox?”

dr-harry-desert-living-show-addiction-detox-2 Dr. Harry on the Desert Living Show: Addiction & Detox 2

A second segment on Addiction & Detox on the Desert Living Show where Dr. Harry breaks down what addiction is and how to seek help.

dr-harry-desert-living-show Dr. Harry on the Desert Living Show: Addiction & Detox

Dr. Harry on the Desert Living Show sharing about treatment, detox and the disease of addiction and how it affects so many people and families.

Private Detoxification - Dr Harry Private Detoxification

Addiction is not a choice but choosing to manage it is. No one who’s a casual drinker ever anticipates becoming an alcoholic. No one who takes prescription painkillers ever expects they’ll become dependent on them. Learning to manage addiction is a difficult process that’s physically, emotionally and psychologically demanding. Before you can learn tools for […]

Recovery Through Concierge Drug Treatment - Dr Harry Recovery Through Concierge Drug Treatment

Substance abuse is a slippery slope that can get worse over time. Treatment becomes necessary when a person loses control of their substance use and cannot stop using on their own volition. Recovery through concierge drug treatment might be just the answer you’re looking for. Although it is a major issue in this country, addiction […]

Private Detox - Dr Harry Private Detox

What is Detox? When someone battling substance abuse decides to stop using, they will enter into a phase called detox. People who stop using drugs or alcohol are in the process of removing poisons from their body. The term detox refers to the period of time in which the body metabolizes and uses up the […]