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Private Detoxification

Private Detoxification - Dr Harry

Private Detoxification – Dr Harry

Addiction is not a choice but choosing to manage it is. No one who’s a casual drinker ever anticipates becoming an alcoholic. No one who takes prescription painkillers ever expects they’ll become dependent on them. Learning to manage addiction is a difficult process that’s physically, emotionally and psychologically demanding. Before you can learn tools for dealing with your addiction, you need to give your body, mind and emotions a fresh start. For people in high-profile jobs, going through this process in a discreet setting is paramount. Private detoxification can give you the space you need to focus solely on getting healthy without getting distracted by anything or anyone else, no matter how important they may seem. With the help of Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian, you can learn the tools necessary for being your best, healthiest self.

What is Detoxification?

Nowadays, there are many ways to detoxify our bodies and our minds from various toxins or poisons that build up. If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, however, you can’t just go on a juice fast or meditate to rid yourself of built-up toxins. In terms of prolonged alcohol and drug use, detoxifying is more complex and requires a period of time for your body to metabolize whatever substance is in your system, eventually getting rid of it. The withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the substance, the duration of use and on the person going through the process, so it’s critical to get the right help. Read about the broad spectrum of withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing may take only hours for some people while it may take weeks for others. Some symptoms of detoxing include shaking, sweating, nausea, anxiety, bone aches, goosebumps and runny nose. While detoxing can be painful, it’s a necessary step for your body and mind to clear itself of toxins. Learn more about the detoxifying process.

For some people, discretion and privacy are one of the keys to their success. Private detoxification may be the answer for anyone who doesn’t want their personal struggles to overshadow their public achievements. A typical detoxification facility includes group therapy, shared meals and sometimes shared rooms. While it may eventually be helpful to talk with people who have also gone through a detoxification program, many people need individualized, private detoxification to be successful.

Getting the Help You Need

Addiction is a brain disease, so it requires professional treatment to be able to manage it. As a professional who manages private detoxification, Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian (known as “Dr. Harry” to his patients), has treated patients for nearly 40 years. From his decades as a family and sports medicine physician in Vermont to his work at the Betty Ford Center, Dr. Harry has treated everyone from high-profile clients to suburban moms. Dr. Harry, who recently opened his own practice, has offices in Beverly Hills and Rancho Mirage and works with clients who may not be best served by traditional treatment programs and who prefer a more discreet, individualized approach. To help his clients through their private detoxification, Dr. Harry works with only a small number of patients at a time.

This concierge experience starts with an evaluation of the client’s time, goals and resources to create a treatment plan. Clients can choose to work with Dr. Harry at his Outpatient Center, in their own home with a 24-hour staff, in local accommodations or remotely via telehealth. The private detoxification process is managed by a licensed medical professional and supported by a team, which includes counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, sober companions, fitness coaches, nutritionists, holistic practitioners and spiritual guides. This holistic approach to private detoxification also includes an aftercare recovery plan, which examines the family and professional environment. Through this multi-tiered approach to private detoxification, Dr. Harry can help you or your loved one deal with the challenges of addiction. He spends time with his clients to learn how to teach each of them the tools they need to get healthy. Contact Dr. Harry today to take that first critical step on your road to recovery: via email or phone.