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Dr. Harry: How To Keep Your New Years Recovery Resolutions

recovery resolutions

Now that we are well into 2019, people nationwide are focused on bettering themselves and sticking to their New Years Resolutions. Unrealistic resolutions tend to be swept away as fast as New Years Eve confetti. ‘Recovery Resolutions’ are about getting a right sized perspective. They are not about perfection but rather progress.

A resolution is defined as “the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem.” For people struggling with addiction, that quality of determination to make a change and admitting that there is a problem is a huge first step.

The American Psychological Association recommends a progressive and gradual approach to recovery, changing one behavior at a time and taking small steps towards positive change. This requires having a realistic and specific plan for achieving and keeping your resolution.

Addiction recovery can be difficult regardless of who and where you are. Seeking professional help and a supportive community is absolutely essential if you want to keep your New Years recovery resolution. Take your first step in resolving your issues with Dr. Harry today and begin your individualized concierge recovery program.

Dr. Harry offers the highest quality of medical & psychological health care possible. The Executive Concierge Program is completely customized around your responsibilities, needs and wants.  Our globalized network of resources can insure a seamless transition through assessment, treatment and recovery. We tailor treatment solutions that address our patients’ underlying diagnosis, helping to promote holistic wellness and long-term recovery.  

New Years Resolution: Get Sober Step One

Alcoholics Anonymous, or “AA” as it is known, begins the recovery process from alcohol addiction with Step 1, which is the first of 12 steps. The first step states “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanageable.” The simple action of admitting that you have a drinking problem can be difficult and scary, but it is the foundation of all positive change. If you’re ready to get help with alcohol addiction, rehabilitation and recovery treatment will help you take your resolution one step at a time.

With Dr. Harry the process of transformation is less overwhelming. Self-criticism, over thinking and self-defeating behaviors are all traps of trying to get sober on your own. Left to their own devices many people begin to dwell on past failures creating set back loops that are nearly impossible to overcome.

Here’s how overcoming your addiction with your New Years resolution to “Get Sober” is going to make 2019 the best year yet! Through sobriety, this year you can:

  1. Save money, and spend it on your future. Taking the money that you would have spent on drugs or alcohol and putting it toward a better version of you may mean a brief time in treatment and/or a recovery savings fund to use on bettering your future- instead of wasting away your present.
  2. Forgive yourself. Letting the mistakes you’ve made be in the past so you can live free of regret.
  3. Face your fears: Whether they are past trauma, depression, or financial issues- everybody has something that plagues them with fear. Instead of self-medicating with alcohol or drugs 2019 can be be the year you face your fears and banish them for good!
  4. Have real and healthy relationships: Maintain good relations with friends new and old, family co-workers and other sober fellows.

All of this positive change can happen when you write a new Self-story.

Re-Write Your (Recovery) Story In 2019:

Everyone has stories about themselves, true or false, that drive their addictive behavior. If you have an idea of who you are, defining yourself in certain ways, essentially you have a “story” about yourself that is operating at all times. This self-story has a powerful influence on your decisions and actions; most of which is happening unconsciously.

If you want to get sober and change your behavior- making the change stick- then you need to first change your underlying self-story; by creating a new “Recovery Story”. It’s an amazing and powerful feeling to create a new idea of who and what you are, and to care about making decisions that match this new idea. When you make decisions and act in a way that fits your new self-story, those decisions or actions will feel right. But you’ll also find, that when you make a decision or act in a way that does not with your new recovery self-story, you will feel uncomfortable.

Here are some of the helpful ways that Dr. Harry can help get you started rewriting that recovery story:

  • Private Medical Detoxification: It is the most individualized program available to medically manage withdrawal systems for those looking for the privacy and client-focused care of a private detox.
  • Outpatient and Daily Treatment Services: Day Treatment and Outpatient Services are offered through Dr. Harry’s Private Outpatient Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. Flexible hours and individualized treatment plans are a staple of all of the Outpatient Programs offered by HHPC.
  • Customized Continuing Care & Monitoring: With options ranging from intensive Therapy and Case Management to intensive Monitoring, the team at HHPC can build a custom solution to ensure long-term sobriety.
  • Dr. Harry’s Wellness and Recovery Network: For specialty services and additional levels of care Dr. Harry and the team at HHPC have built a global network of trusted providers who ensure that the needs of each and every client are met.

2019 Resolutions: Recovery With Dr. Harry

No matter what state you live in, from New York to California, when it comes to recovery resolutions, your state of mind is the most important.

Admitting that you have an addiction to any kind of substance or behavior requires a certain state of mind, and it is one of the most important achievements in recovery and should not be overlooked.

A flip is switched in the brain when an attempt of any kind is made to change a bad situation. There is a sense of empowerment involved in the realization that a person can in fact make changes in their life that are beneficial and progressive.

Once that sense of empowerment is realized it is then built upon so that further progress can be made, with one very significant caveat- Progress not perfection is the caveat of a successful endeavor. And again it is the building upon that progress that will allow for a continued pursuit of the goal and the benefits that will continue during that pursuit.

Dr. Harry’s main goal is to provide hope, health and healing to all those affected by the disease of addiction. Through research-driven and empathetic care he instills hope that long-term recovery is possible. His purpose and passion is to empower an individual, their family and community through the promotion of optimal wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

The only New Year’s resolution you really need to recover is to focus on how you are living just for today, continuing to ask for help and assistance in working a program of recovery one step at a time.

For more information on how Dr. Harry can help you with your recovery goals for 2019 contact us.