29th February 2020 in Addictions Detox private detox Treatment

Spring Forward In Recovery! Addiction Treatment With Dr. Harry

Spring is a wonderful time of year to do a little bit of recovery house cleaning and to “spring forward” in our programs of recovery. Dr. Harry Haroutunian (a.k.a. Dr. Harry) is the author of “Being Sober: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting To, Getting Through and Living in Recovery, “and co-author of “Hijacking the Brain: How Drug and Alcohol Addition Hijacks our Brains – The Science behind Twelve-Step Recovery.” 

As a medical professional who is also working a program of recovery, Dr. Harry truly understands that the saying “it works if you work it” holds true for most of us in twelve steps programs. As we spring forward in our recovery from addiction we are continually reminded of the powerful relief we can get from working a program of recovery through the twelve steps and moving forward in spite of our fears. Putting some of the suggested actionable steps into practice may not make us “perfect” but it can certainly help let the light shine in and help us blossom.

As we celebrate the coming of more light, and do a little Spring-cleaning, we recognize that we are not losing anything; but rather letting go of things that we don’t need, which no longer serve a purpose. As we make room for the abundance that a life in sobriety provides and become full participants in our own lives, we no longer keep our addiction in the dark.

Let the Light In: Addiction Recovery With Dr. Harry

“Before Sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised”

-American proverb

Spring 2020 is upon us, and letting more light shine into our lives usually means clearing away some mental cobwebs and raising the proverbial blinds. Many people in recovery find that most problems or situations that arise on a daily basis can be held up to the light of the Twelve Steps and the Serenity Prayer of AA Alcoholics Anonymous.

As recovering alcoholics and addicts we tend to spin out when we don’t have a clear perspective on things, and we tend to react to things that aren’t necessarily true when living in any kind of darkness. When working a program of recovery and treating our addiction with Dr. Harry we get to begin a searching and fearless moral inventory, which is step four. As we begin to explore and identify change in behavior, and getting to know ourselves without being high, we start to see that there are actually many things that we can do as an active participant in creating a better life.

Here are some of the ways that we can all “ let the light shine in” as we spring forward in recovery with Dr. Harry:

  • Asking for help when we need it
  • Admitting when we are wrong and making amends
  • Accepting love from others (even if we cannot love ourselves yet)
  • Being aware that we always have choices, and taking responsibility for the choices we make!
  • Seeing that life is a blessing and celebrating the abundance of Spring
  • Forgiving ourselves and others
  • Recognizing our shortcomings as well as our strengths
  • Caring for others without having to take care of them

When it comes to working a program of recovery, we will never be “finished”; we will always be a work in progress, and that’s perfectly ok. In fact when we spring forward through the twelve steps we discover that we are not searching for a higher power to add anything but rather to take away defects of character, which is an on going life process. However, once many of our defects are removed it tends to reveal assets that were hiding, like a spring bloom waiting for the light to open.

Dr. Harry Can Help: Spring Into Recovery

With over 40 years of working with people from all walks of life, from families, celebrities to CEO’s, Dr. Harry is known for his successful addiction treatment. Dr. Harry has developed a one-of-a-kind, discreet, and world-renowned detox, treatment and recovery program that aims to treat all of the intricate details of addiction. Dr. Harry and his team provide everything that you need to secure a healthy, long-lasting sobriety.

Spring is the season of new beginnings and new life! Don’t let addiction keep you in the dark- Spring forward with Dr. Harry. Reach out to Dr. Harry, today, at Call (760) 674-0005 or visit our contact page to start the road to recovery.