5th November 2018 in Addictions Detox

What Is The Best Way To Detox? The First Step To Getting Sober

In a world filled with so many toxic influences it’s no wonder the most popular web search is for “what is the best way to detox?”

California is a hub for addiction detox and drug treatment centers and services. If you are looking for the best way to detox, there is no better place to take your first steps on your road to recovery than with Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian. “Dr. Harry” as he is known is a detox specialist offering a highly exclusive private alcohol and drug detox program. Dr. Harry’s detox is suitable for alcoholics and addicts who need the speediest recovery with minimal discomfort and distraction.

So, why is this the best way to detox? Statistics show that people who are privately detoxed and rehabilitated stand a much better chance of long-term recovery success. Private detox offers an optimal environment that is conducive to mental and emotional health and allows for a more substantial sobriety foundation. It has been shown that location also has a direct impact on some of the key components of detox and addiction recovery. The confidentiality, safety and seclusion of private detox allows clients to process, heal and take stock of themselves away from shame, guilt, condemnation or judging eyes.

Dr. Harry offers personalized recommendations that are based entirely on each individuals unique detox needs. Detoxing is serious business; withdrawal symptoms from detoxing vary depending on the substance, the duration of use and on each individual’s current health, so it’s absolutely critical to get the right help from a medical specialist.

Dr. Harry’s private detox in Malibu is known as one of the premiere detox and rehab centers in California. Set in the heart of beautiful Malibu, the facility offers breathtaking rooms, views and life changing experiences.

With Dr. Harry you are going to receive the best possible advice, and an exclusive detox package at high-class facility, helping you start down the road to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Why Is Private Addiction Detox The Best?

The large number of high-end “luxury detox facilities” cropping up around California do not always offer the best detox or even the most effective care. In some of these rehabs employing properly licensed, experienced and trained staff is not a necessary requirement.
Despite the lackluster trends, Dr. Harry has made a commitment to setting a new benchmark for top tier clinical detox in a luxury environment. Private addiction detox with Dr. Harry has become noticeably one of the best in California because of his renowned success stories and because of his compassionate and caring relationship with clients. Dr. Harrys Private Residence Detox Program is designed to provide a high level of medical services with the finest and most selective luxury amenities.

  • When an addicted person stops using alcohol or drugs their body has psychological and physiological symptoms that must be managed by a medical professional that is experienced in withdrawal management. As part of providing the best treatment, private addiction detox with Dr. Harry starts with a period of physical stabilization to effectively manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Dr. Harry and his team individualize this process for each patient to provide a detailed recommendation based on the assessment. Here is a partial list of detox assessment:
  • Medical Conditions and Complications Assessments: these can be infectious illnesses, chronic illnesses requiring intensive or specialized treatment, pregnancy, and chronic pain.
  • Motivation/Readiness to Change: the degree to which a patient acknowledges that substance use behaviors are a problem and is ready and willing to confront them honestly and to change.
  • Physical, Sensory and/or Mobility Limitations: physical conditions that may require specially-designed facilities or staffing, relapse history patterns and potential, periods of abstinence, predictors of abstinence, client awareness of relapse triggers and craving.
    Substance Abuse/Dependence Frequency: the amount and duration of use of alcohol or drugs, chronicity of problems and indicators of abuse or dependence.
  • Developmental and/or Cognitive Issues: the ability to participate in confrontational treatment settings, or to benefit from cognitive interventions and group therapy.
  • Family and Social Support: the degree of support from family and significant others, substance-free friends and involvement in support groups.
  • Co-Occurring or Dual Diagnosis Psychiatric Disorders: other psychiatric symptoms that are likely to complicate the treatment of the substance use disorder and require treatment themselves, or may cause concerns about safety in certain settings.

Dr. Harry For The Best Detox: A higher standard in private detox

No matter what your specific personal or professional lifestyle needs may be, Dr. Harry has the drug & alcohol detox process that raises the standards in private detox, offering the very best in clinical compassionate care.

Dr. Harry has been helping individuals in need of detox and suffering from the disease of addiction for nearly 40 years via his role as doctor, author, lecturer, sponsor and friend. He is an internationally-known speaker and authority on topics of addiction and recovery and has been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post and appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Drew on Call and The Dr. Phil Show. In addition to the best detox program Dr. Harry also provides private treatment with specialty areas in:

  • Addiction
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Family system disorders
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Grief trauma and addiction
  • Codependency

For exclusive and highly confidential advice on Dr. Harry’s private addiction detox facilities, let us help you take the first steps on your road to recovery.

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