10th December 2018 in Addictions

Concierge Addiction Medicine With Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian, MD

A lot has been written recently about the arising need in the world of medicine for concierge medical treatment and approaching addiction as a disease. Whether you agree that it is a disease or not, addiction is a condition that can permeate and debilitate a persons life if not properly treated. For over 40 years Dr. Harry has been addressing the need for both of these things, helping families as a doctor, therapist, author, and advocate. Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian, MD, has treated everyone from top CEO’s, celebrities and sports stars to stay-at-home parents.

No matter whom he is treating, the cornerstones of his innovative practice are compassion and hope. “Dr. Harry” as he is known, has a successful concierge medicine practice because of his patient centered philosophy, strong direct care coordination and dedicated focus on addiction rehabilitation and treatment medicine.

What Is Concierge Addiction Medicine?

Concierge addiction medicine with Dr. Harry is an elite medical practice offering direct care, accessibility, personalized attention, privacy and services above and beyond customary care. Thanks to his cutting edge and evidence-based therapeutic programs Dr. Harry can provide the “medicine” or treatment for substance abuse addiction in a flexible, comfortable and safe environment.

As for addiction rehabilitation, it has become apparent that many people in need of treatment also have exclusive challenges. For some there is a general resistance to traditional recovery facilities, for others there are specific privacy issues, and for a great many more, there are additional medical and/or emotional concerns that cannot always respond to standardized addiction treatment. For these reasons, Dr. Harry’s concierge addiction treatment has become a viable alternative medicine for thousands of patients.

Privacy issues are certainly at the forefront for many of Dr. Harry’s clients who are in need of enhanced addiction care. Concierge addiction treatment provides a high degree of security and exclusivity that cannot be matched. Most people simply cannot leave home for months at a time. In addition, radically changing their schedule prevents anonymity and raises questions from family, neighbors, client and colleagues and the public. High-profile individuals, as well as others who cannot afford to take time off have found concierge addiction services the ultimate answer to these difficult and highly personalized circumstances.

Drug Of Choice: There Is Medicine For Addiction

There are people who think that “addiction” cannot be a “disease” because it is caused by the individual’s choice to use drugs or alcohol, and therefore has to do with

strength, character or judgment. In the very early stages, drinking or drugging may be by choice; however, once the brain has been changed by addiction, most experts believe that the person actually loses control of their behavior.

Scientifically speaking, “Choice” does not determine whether something is a disease. Heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer involve personal “choices”, like diet, exercise, sun exposure, etc.… A disease is therefore what happens in the body as a result of those choices, with a possible genetic predisposition.

Addiction is defined as a disease by most medical associations, including the American Medical Association and the American Society of Addiction Medicine. And just like diabetes, cancer or heart disease, addiction is caused by a destructive combination of behavioral, environmental and biological factors. It comes under a classification of chronic diseases that are lasting conditions that can be controlled, but not cured.

The bottom line is that the consequences of untreated addictions, whether you call it a disorder or disease, can include other physical and mental health disorders that require medical attention. As we mentioned earlier, if left untreated, over time addiction becomes more severe, disabling and life threatening. This is a sad guarantee.

The good news is that there is medicine; Dr. Harry can help target the root cause that his triggered the disease, in order to cultivate deep, long lasting sobriety and healing. Even the most severe, chronic form of the disease can be manageable and potentially reversible, usually with long-term treatment, continued monitoring and multi-faceted support for recovery.

Concierge Addiction Medicine with Dr. Harry

As with the treatment of any other disease, finding the right doctor to treat addiction can seem like an overwhelming task. The daunting process is simplified with Dr. Harry.

Dr. Harry runs the Harry Haroutunian Professional Corporation (HHPC). The concierge medicine process is managed by Dr. Harry and supported by therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sober coaches, holistic practitioners, nutritionists and fitness experts. This specialized treatment experience can be delivered through Dr. Harry’s Outpatient Center, in-home care with 24-hour staff, locally in accommodations of the client’s choosing, as well as remotely via telehealth.

Concierge addiction medicine with Dr. Harry, offers extraordinary amenities such as nationwide 24/7 access to a physician, a skilled staff of medical professionals and counselors, easily accommodated appointments and holistic therapies. One of the biggest benefits is fostering a trusting relationship between doctor and patient, helping to boost the healing process, facilitating a faster and more efficient road to recovery.

Dr. Harry realizes that each client is unique, as are his or her patterns of addiction and root causes. Dr. Harry is able to address the drug and/or alcohol addiction at its core and assist you in making the necessary changes to turn your life around. This is why he offers discreet, top-of-the-line concierge drug and addiction treatment that allows you to find healing specific to your needs.

Dr. Harry’s practice doesn’t just end after the initial detox treatment; his one-of-a-kind aftercare treatment is just as vital to maintaining long-term, healthy habits by providing and implementing positive tools for success. In some cases concierge medicine allows you to continue working within the parameters of your career and daily life… while beginning to enact a lifestyle change. Addressing those stressors and factors in a real world setting is the key to remaining sober and enacting that lifestyle change.

Long-term recovery from the disease of addiction is real. All it takes is one phone call to start you on the road to lifelong relief.

For more information you can email Dr. Harry or call us.