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dr-harry-desert-living-show-addiction-detox-2 Dr. Harry on the Desert Living Show: Addiction & Detox 2

A second segment on Addiction & Detox on the Desert Living Show where Dr. Harry breaks down what addiction is and how to seek help.

Celebrity-private-detox-treatment-dr-harry Why Private Treatment For Substance Abuse Is Not Just For Celebrities

Successful people from all walks of life have problems with alcoholism, substance abuse and addiction, not just celebrities. However, just like a celebrity, you may find yourself in the position of needing private treatment so that your addiction doesn’t threaten your professional accomplishments.

dr-harry-desert-living-show Dr. Harry on the Desert Living Show: Addiction & Detox

Dr. Harry on the Desert Living Show sharing about treatment, detox and the disease of addiction and how it affects so many people and families.

Premier Addiction Treatment - Dr. Harry Premier Addiction Treatment

What Is Premier Addiction Treatment? Partaking in premier addiction treatment can save a person’s life. Premier addiction treatment uses the most cutting-edge scientific findings to approach addiction, providing innovative and customized treatment. This means no more cattle call 30-day programs, but rather a fully integrated program that fits in with a person’s lifestyle, making it […]

Private Drug Treatment - Dr Harry Private Drug Treatment

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s a great opportunity to address another potentially debilitating disease of the mind: addiction. If you or your loved one is suffering from substance abuse, it can make you a stranger to yourself and to others. Addiction specialist, Dr. Harry Haroutunian, MD, understands how challenging and stressful this […]

Recovery Through Concierge Drug Treatment - Dr Harry Recovery Through Concierge Drug Treatment

Substance abuse is a slippery slope that can get worse over time. Treatment becomes necessary when a person loses control of their substance use and cannot stop using on their own volition. Recovery through concierge drug treatment might be just the answer you’re looking for. Although it is a major issue in this country, addiction […]

Private Detox - Dr Harry Private Detox

What is Detox? When someone battling substance abuse decides to stop using, they will enter into a phase called detox. People who stop using drugs or alcohol are in the process of removing poisons from their body. The term detox refers to the period of time in which the body metabolizes and uses up the […]

Executive Drug Treatment for Lifelong Sobriety - Dr Harry Executive Drug Treatment for Lifelong Sobriety

The opioid epidemic is getting a lot of news coverage these days. More important than any headline or any statistic, however, are the people directly affected by drug addiction. Regardless of race, age, education level or political party affiliation, nearly half of all Americans have a close friend or family member who’s been addicted to […]

Dr. Harry: The Addiction Specialist You Need

We understand how trying this time is for you and your family. Your loved one requires the best addiction specialist in order to obtain long lasting sobriety. This goes well beyond the typical inpatient 12-step program, and Dr. Harry is here to help. Getting Started with an Addiction Specialist The hardest part is reaching out […]

Luxury Addiction Treatment - Dr Harry Luxury Addiction Treatment

Addiction is more than the latest headline. It’s more than statistics and often different from the depictions of addiction in movies or on TV. Addiction is personal and painful, and getting help is the only way to face it. Whether you or your loved one is dealing with addiction, you know this disease has a […]