8th February 2018 in Addictions Treatment

Luxury Addiction Treatment

Luxury Addiction Treatment - Dr Harry

Luxury Addiction Treatment – Dr Harry

Addiction is more than the latest headline. It’s more than statistics and often different from the depictions of addiction in movies or on TV. Addiction is personal and painful, and getting help is the only way to face it.

Whether you or your loved one is dealing with addiction, you know this disease has a far-reaching ripple effect. The addict is not the only one controlled by the disease. Finding the right treatment can be tricky. For people in high-profile careers or those for whom privacy is paramount, the risk is that the addiction will overshadow their work and they’ll end up being defined by their disease rather than by their accomplishments. A personalized, private, luxury addiction treatment is often the best option for people who need to deal with their addiction out of the spotlight.

Luxury Addiction Treatment with Dr. Harry

Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian (known as “Dr. Harry” to his patients), has been helping patients and their families deal with addiction for nearly 40 years. His work as a luxury addiction treatment professional has helped everyone from stay-at-home moms to high-profile celebrities learn how to deal with their disease.

After 30 years in Vermont as a family and sports medicine physician, Dr. Harry, who is board-certified in addiction and family medicine, worked at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. He recently founded his own practice, Harry Haroutunian, MD, with offices in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills to work with people who are not well served by traditional treatment models and who require a discreet, focused approach.

In fact, Dr. Harry works with only a limited number of patients at a time, so he and his team can focus on you or your family member’s individual needs. Dr. Harry can help you or your family member move from a place of despair to one of hope.

How Dr. Harry and Luxury Addiction Treatment Can Help

No one chooses to be an addict. While we choose to have that first drink or take that first pill, none of us chooses addiction. No one knowingly chooses to lose control or risks losing their relationships or their career. Addiction is a brain disease, so it therefore requires treatment to be able to manage it. As a luxury addiction treatment professional, Dr. Harry’s approach is unique because he knows that, although addiction has common characteristics, not all addicts are the same. Therefore, treatment is based on individual needs rather than on the addiction itself.

Dr. Harry and his team offer an individualized, concierge treatment experience. Each client’s needs, time and resources are evaluated to create the best plan for that client. To learn how to face their addiction, clients can choose treatment through Dr. Harry’s Outpatient Center, in-home care with 24-hour staff, in local accommodations chosen by the client or remotely via tele-health. This luxury addiction treatment process is managed by a licensed medical professional and supported by a team of people, including therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, sober coaches and companions, holistic practitioners, fitness experts, nutritionists and spiritual guides.

Dr. Harry and his team take a holistic approach to addiction treatment, which includes psychological, biological, social and spiritual components as well as an aftercare recovery plan. Because addiction affects more than just the addicted individual, Dr. Harry’s approach addresses the family and professional environment as part of the luxury addiction treatment. Read one father’s account of his son’s addiction.

Through his multi-faceted, individualized approach, Dr. Harry can help you or your loved one learn how to face addiction and recover from it. Working with families in rural Vermont taught Dr. Harry the importance of spending time getting to know his clients and their individual needs as well as teaching them the tools to succeed on their own. He knows his clients are so much more than their disease and helps them get back on track to living their best lives.

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