26th March 2018 in Addictions Treatment

Executive Drug Treatment for Lifelong Sobriety

Executive Drug Treatment for Lifelong Sobriety - Dr Harry

Executive Drug Treatment for Lifelong Sobriety – Dr Harry

The opioid epidemic is getting a lot of news coverage these days. More important than any headline or any statistic, however, are the people directly affected by drug addiction. Regardless of race, age, education level or political party affiliation, nearly half of all Americans have a close friend or family member who’s been addicted to drugs (according to a Pew survey).

Addiction is a disease that causes a ripple effect of destruction around the addict, regardless of who they are or what they stand to lose. Finding the right executive drug treatment is the key to deep, lasting sobriety. For some people, privacy is a necessary part of this treatment and recovery. The individualized approach Dr. Harry Haroutunian, MD offers his patients can make the difference between a short-term fix and long-term, lasting change.

Executive Drug Treatment: Getting Real Help

Whether you or your loved one is battling addiction, the most important thing to know is that you’re not alone. Many people have faced and learned to manage their addiction, regardless of what stage of addiction they’re in. Don’t wait for yourself or your loved one to hit rock bottom to ask for help and look for the right executive drug treatment program. At its core, addiction is a disease that’s a result of dysfunction in the brain reward, motivation and memory circuity. Whether there’s a family history of addiction or an event that triggers it, no one ever chooses to be an addict. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of drug addiction.

Unfortunately, addiction often involves cycles of relapse and remission, so it’s critical to find the right treatment. To help yourself or your loved one, find an executive drug treatment program that can properly address individual needs. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Harry Haroutunian, MD, known simply as “Dr. Harry,” has helped his patients and their families battle addiction. He understands that addiction knows no boundaries and requires concentrated, individualized attention to effectively manage it. His executive drug treatment is different from standard outpatient treatment centers. Dr. Harry and his team offer their patients a concierge treatment experience because they know addiction looks different in each person.

The Dr. Harry Difference

First, Dr. Harry and his staff will evaluate each patient’s needs, goals, time and resources to come up with the best recommendation for that client. Depending on your and your family’s needs, you may choose Dr. Harry’s Outpatient Center, in-home care and a 24-hour staff, local accommodations or remote care via tele-health. Each patient is supported by a licensed medical professional and a team of therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, holistic practitioners, fitness experts, nutritionists, spiritual guides and sober coaches and companions. This holistic approach to recovery includes biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects in addition to an after-treatment recovery plan.

Dr. Harry has been helping patients and their families for nearly 40 years, so he knows what works. Before starting his own practice, Dr. Harry worked at the Betty Ford Center and as a family and sports medicine physician in Vermont for 30 years. He set up offices in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills to be able to work closely with patients who aren’t well served by traditional methods and who require private executive drug treatment. Dr. Harry is discreet and professional; in fact, he only works with a limited number of patients at any one time so he can focus on each patient’s individual needs. Learn more about the importance of finding the right treatment.

The purpose of Dr. Harry’s individualized approach is to take you or your loved one from a place of despair to one of hope. Through innovative and creative approaches, Dr. Harry and his team analyze addiction and mental health issues and provide a solution. He knows each patient is so much more than their addiction, and wants to help people find their way home.

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