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Why Private Treatment For Substance Abuse Is Not Just For Celebrities


Successful people from all walks of life have problems with alcoholism, substance abuse and addiction, not just celebrities. However, just like a celebrity, you may find yourself in the position of needing discretion and privacy so that your addiction doesn’t threaten your professional accomplishments. Private Treatment may be be the answer.

The high functioning, high-achieving alcoholic or addict, is a special case worthy of a very intense and specific approach to recovery. Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian (or simply “Dr. Harry” to his patients) provides private luxury detox, treatment and rehabilitation for all substance abuse and addiction to extremely successful and accomplished clients. Dr. Harry knows that his clients are more than their addiction and even more than their accomplishments, which is why they need a premiere addiction treatment program that ushers them safely into recovery with a program that really works.

Dr. Harry is president and founding director of Harry Haroutunian, MD, a professional corporation with offices in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills, California. He delivers physician driven, evidence-based treatment directives with unique and effective solutions that are designed to help those who are not well served by a traditional treatment model.

He understands the needs of people whose lives are busy, high-pressure and exclusive. These patients can’t opt for the same treatment as other people, who may have more flexibility in location, timing and privacy.  For this reason Dr. Harry’s approach is discreet, focused, intense and confidential. Dr. Harry works with a limited number of patients at any given time so that his attention can be focused on the preparation and follow-up required to achieve long-term recovery.

Whether your substance abuse notoriety is smattering the pages of every celebrity tabloid or is just the nasty topic for office gossip, Dr. Harry and his team of experts have a treatment program that can bring you back in everyone’s good graces.

Do You Need Private Treatment For Substance Abuse?

Has alcohol or drug abuse started to take a toll on your health, your career and/or your personal life? No one dr-harry-celebrity-private-treatementever becomes a substance abuser or addict intentionally. Highly motivated A-list professionals are under the gun, and most of the time that ‘stress to impress’ requires some kind of relief. It’s no surprise that this “relief” usually comes in the form of medications, drugs and/or alcohol, which can quickly turn, into addiction. If you notice a feeling that you have to use drugs or alcohol regularly, or you’re having problems at work or in your relationships, you need to get help. No matter how you or your loved one ended up addicted or struggling with dependence, finding the best private addiction treatment is absolutely critical to avoid remission, relapse or even death.

Dr. Harry’s practice has been created for people who desperately need relief from an addiction lifestyle—whether for the first time or after many attempts in treatment. He offers a full-continuum of care and multiple pathways to recovery.

Your private treatment for substance abuse can be delivered through Dr. Harry’s Outpatient Center, in-home care with 24-hour staff, locally in accommodations of the client’s choosing and even remotely via tele-health.

Here are the steps to your private treatment experience:

Diagnostic Evaluation
Our team conducts a comprehensive evaluation- including medical, psychiatric and family testimonials – in order to establish the root of the issue and how to move forward with treatment.

Detox In Privacy and Comfort
For people in high-profile jobs, going through this process in a discreet setting is paramount. Private detoxification can give you the space you need to focus solely on getting healthy without getting distracted by anything or anyone else. Thanks to our Private Residence Detox Program, you can go through a supervised detox within the comfort of your own home or private residence. Detoxifying requires a period of time for your body to metabolize whatever substances are in your system, and the withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the substance, the duration of use and on the individual, so it’s critical to get the right help.

Individualized Treatment
One of the best benefits of private substance abuse treatment is that each option is tailored to your specific needs, time constraints, and financial resources and is always handled with discretion. The entire process for treatment is managed from a holistic standpoint, with a solution that lays in biological, psychological, social and spiritual interventions.

With aftercare Dr. Harry’s work goes beyond traditional 12 step programs. Dr. Harry and his team create a collaborative long-term recovery plan to facilitate re-entry back into work and home life to maintain sobriety. The team is able to work through their Distant Care Services, which shortens the amount of time a client might have to stay in the more intensive setting, and allows them to continue treatment from the comforts of home.

Dr. Harry and his team can create a solution for you and will use any resource available, and all aspects of care, to bundle the ultimate service that can condense months, or even years, of treatment into a shorter timeframe.

The Benefits of Private Substance Abuse Treatment:

  • Individualized treatment experience
  • Flexible and condensed programs
  • In-Home Treatment
  • A safe, discreet environment
  • Personalized uniquely tailored plan for success
  • Individual and family therapy available
  • Professional and licensed support team: Therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sober coaches, holistic practitioners, nutritionists and fitness experts.
  • And More!

If your inner rock star has you living with the debilitating strain of addiction, nothing should get in the way of your recovery. Getting private addiction treatment and help for alcoholism or other addictions can be a matter of life and death.

Don’t wait until help is no longer an option. Contact Dr. Harry today to learn more about his top-of-the-line private drug treatment. All it takes is one phone call to start you on the road to recovery. Long lasting sobriety is possible through private substance abuse treatment with Dr. Harry.

Call Dr. Harry today at 760-674-0005 or visit our contact page to get started. Take the first step and see what happens!