3rd July 2018 in Addictions Treatment

Premier Addiction Treatment

Premier Addiction Treatment - Dr Harry

Premier Addiction Treatment – Dr Harry

What Is Premier Addiction Treatment?

Partaking in premier addiction treatment can save a person’s life. Premier addiction treatment uses the most cutting-edge scientific findings to approach addiction, providing innovative and customized treatment. This means no more cattle call 30-day programs, but rather a fully integrated program that fits in with a person’s lifestyle, making it easier to achieve sustainability and limit the likelihood of relapse.

Understanding Addiction

When it comes to our understanding of addiction, there are many preconceived notions floating around, and some of them may be incorrect. Thanks to the common portrayal of addiction that we get from movies and television, we may think we understand it. However, addiction can manifest in many forms, and no one’s addiction is exactly the same.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction can be defined as a chronic disease that surrounds motivation, memory, and reward. The main characteristic of an addicted person is that they develop a dependency on something that brings them a feeling of relief or reward. Their addiction impairs their ability to control their behavior, respond emotionally to its consequences, and function normally in relationships. An addict’s entire life can become tainted by addiction, and things can get out of hand very quickly.

This does not just pertain to substance abuse. Aside from drugs and alcohol, addictions can also form around gambling, food, and sexual behaviors. Temporary highs are powerful. The mental relief we gain after engaging in these activities can quickly become a dependency, perpetually seeking out that temporary happiness.

Getting Help

Although their disease is out of an addict’s control, their recovery is not. It is important that an addict come to terms with their addiction and choose to get help. Getting help for an addiction is vital, and can be a matter of life and death.

As with other chronic diseases, addiction involves cycles of relapse and remission. While you cannot always prevent the flare-ups of this disease, you can do all it takes to limit them. When an addict receives the best possible treatment, they will receive the best possible outcome. For some, this can mean lasting sobriety and control over their life.

Troubles In Treatment

Every addiction is different, so shouldn’t every treatment program be as well? Unfortunately, many addiction treatment centers fail to treat their patients as individuals. These centers deliver a “one size fits all” program that only provides a temporary fix. Group meetings, old rules and regulations, and other classic methods will help some, but patients who need a more unique treatment program are left to struggle after their program’s completion. These people will often relapse. For this reason, premier addiction treatment was created.

Premier Addiction Treatment with Dr. Harry

If you or a loved one is seeking out premier addiction treatment that you can trust, you have found it in Dr. Harry. Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian has been practicing medicine for over 40 years and is a highly respected physician in the field of addiction. He and his work have been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, The Dr. Phil Show, and more.

Dr. Harry has a deep understanding of recovery and the need for specialized treatment. He understands the needs of people whose lives are high profile, high pressure, and unique. His patients often need flexibility in location, timing, and/or approach.

Dr. Harry’s premier addiction treatment is designed to provide people with a more condensed, discreet, and individualized treatment experience than traditional methods provide. The proven successful process is managed by Dr. Harry and supported by therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sober coaches, holistic practitioners, nutritionists, and fitness experts. Dr. Harry and his team firmly believe that the whole self must be treated in order for recovery to be successful and sustainable.

End the Cycle of Addiction

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, treatment is of the utmost importance. Getting help can be a matter of life and death. Don’t wait until help is no longer an option. Receive premier addiction treatment with Dr. Harry today.

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