30th October 2019 in Addictions

The Journey Of Change: The Importance Of Change In Addiction Recovery

“We know that permanent sobriety can be attained only by a most revolutionary change in the life and outlook of the individual.”

-Bill W.

The journey of change for people in recovery is filled with many ups and downs, thrills and chills, and most of all, a leap of faith into a world of joy and possibility. The importance of change in recovery cannot be underestimated because when people decide to give up an addiction, they are agreeing to make a major, life altering change. The concept of change can be unsettling for anybody; in fact most people would prefer to shy away from changes of any kind no matter how big or small.

For addicts in early recovery, making the change to live a life in sobriety and taking that step into the unknown can be scary and they need to summon up a great deal of courage, preparing to let go of their old habits. There are millions of addicts in recovery who are building a successful life away from addiction and making adjustments and changes to help keep them clean and sober. However there is one part of life that will always remain for every human being, and that is they will constantly face changes and challenges; it’s part of what makes our amazing life away from addiction so wonderful!

Dr. Harry has helped people suffering from the disease of addiction for nearly 40 years via his role as doctor, author, lecturer, sponsor and friend. In his experience Dr. Harry has seen that the journey of change in recovery is about personal growth and meeting challenges in life and overcoming them. That’s how people develop in recovery and the more they do this the better they get at it. However, overcoming a challenge in life usually means that a person has to change a behavior, attitude, or belief. Resisting these kinds of changes makes it impossible to overcome the challenges or obstacles.

Researchers have concluded that people who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction need to make changes in their lifestyle, often-dramatic ones, in order to succeed in their recovery. Living in the same place doing the same things, seeing the same people, and thinking the same as we did when the addiction ruled our lives can be what brings on a relapse. This brings up fear and so many are unwilling to face their fears and make changes, and unfortunately remain trapped in the cycle of addiction. Addiction recovery is a matter of constant growth and constant pursuit of a better way of living. If recovering individuals embrace this, they can make a complete change in their lives for the better.

Through concierge addiction treatment Dr. Harry has helped hundreds of people over the years to see with clarity that “Change” is what keeps life interesting and exciting! Think about it, living in a bubble where everything stays the same is boring and more like a prison sentence than living “happy, joyous and free”. It is only by embracing change that we can get the most out of life. Dr. Harry is here to help you with the changes that you need to make in your life to maintain your sobriety. Now is the time to learn about the importance of change in recovery and accept the treatment and guidance that only an addiction specialist like Dr. Harry can give.

The Importance of Change in Addiction Recovery With Dr. Harry

 “I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.”

-George C. Lichtenberg

If people are new to recovery they will need to be prepared to make many changes to the way they have always done things. Change is stressful under any circumstances, but for people in early recovery it can seem more difficult. The good news is that they can learn to cope with change more effectively when they see how important it is to their life, sense of wellbeing, peace and recovery.

One of the most popular sayings in AA Alcoholics Anonymous is “if you keep on doing the same things, you will keep on getting the same results.”  Which means that if we all want different results, now is the time to make some changes! There are certain basic lifestyle changes that can help establish new habit patterns, reducing the chances of falling back old habits.

  • Change Your Environment – Hanging out in the same old places can be environmental triggers and even cause relapse. If there are triggers in your home in may be time to help you move to safety.
  • Change Your Activities –Any recreational or even work activities that put you at risk need to be removed from your life. Nothing is more important than your recovery.
  • Change Your People – Friends, family or groups who drink, abuse drugs, or engage in activities that are triggers for you, need to be avoided especially for those in early recovery. Find new and sober people in support groups and meetings.

There are addicts who don’t believe that they need to change things to recover and unfortunately the statistics for their recovery and continued sobriety are not good. Complete life change helps to create that freedom and space from substance abuse habits where newer, stronger and healthier ones can grow. No matter what stage of recovery you are in it’s always a good time to embrace the journey of change.

The Journey Of Change With Dr. Harry

The seasons will always change, new technologies will always emerge, and the years in sobriety will fly by as you grow and change too. When you look back at your life you won’t be consumed with the awards you have won or the money you have earned. What you will cherish and hold dear are all of the opportunities you embraced, the chances you took or even the times you failed and picked yourself up again -all while staying sober. Change creates milestones that are all part of your journey; each one is significant in their own way to your personal story and your life in sobriety.

Coping with change throughout the recovery process has its challenges. A great way to start is by attending support groups as well as individual counseling. Even people with time in recovery get caught up in the relapse process, because they are stuck and can’t move forward until they make some changes. People who resist change may be sabotaging their own recovery, by no longer doing the things they need to do to stay sober. Being stuck in recovery leaves you vulnerable and usually leads to a return to alcohol or drugs. And while relapse is not the end of the world, in many cases it leads to the end of your life.

If you have found that it’s high time that you talk with a professional about coping with change in recovery, maybe it’s time to try concierge addiction medicine with Dr. Harry. Your personal journey has relied on the changes, which have led you to where you are now. Now is the perfect time for learning effective ways to create change in your habits and thoughts, ones that are conducive to helping you stay sober and live a life that is happy, joyous and free.