8th September 2017

Why Prescription Drug Misuse Is Becoming A Problem For People Over 50

Karen says she spent 13 years addicted to eight different prescription medications and says no one knew her secret. The former school teacher says it took an overdose, four days in a coma and a family intervention before she finally got help.

Karen, along with Dr. Harry Haroutunian, a board certified addiction medicine expert and author of the AARP book, Not As Prescribed, join Dr. Phil to share how prescription drug misuse is affecting people over 50.

“Seventeen percent of people over 50 will eventually show the signs of addiction,” Dr. Harry says. “It’s highly unrecognized. By the year 2020 we expect 10 million people in that age group to be addicted.”

Hear more from Dr. Harry in the video above, including why it’s difficult to distinguish between aging and medication addiction. This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Watch more here.

If you’re worried about an elderly loved one who may be addicted to prescription medications, visit AARP.org/health.

Season 16 of Dr. Phil premieres Tuesday, September 12. Check here to see where you can watch.

Source: Dr. Phil