22nd January 2020 in Addictions Treatment

Dr. Harry’s Outpatient Services

Are our programs certified?
The outpatient services at HHPC are certified by the California Department of Health Care Services.

How long are the programs?
The outpatient programs at HHPC do not have a set length.  An individual’s length of participation will instead be determined by individual need and progress toward goals.  Some people will move through the various stages of care in a few weeks and others will remain engaged in treatment for several months.

What qualifications does our clinical staff have?
Dr. Harry is certified by the American Board of Family Physicians and American Board of Addiction Medicine.  He is licensed by the Medical Board of California. The other program staff hold a range of qualifications, including CAADC certifications and MFT licenses.

Are there gender-specific programs?
The group sessions in our outpatient programs will most often be mixed gender.  The varying perspectives are considered a valuable part of personal growth. If an issue arises that would be better served in a single gender environment, then one may be arranged. 

How are the programs structured?
The programs will consist of group sessions, individual meetings with a counselor, and educational sessions.  Additional therapeutic sessions, evaluations, and consultations will be arranged if determined necessary. Every participant is provided with a schedule and is expected to attend all sessions on time and for the full length of the session. 

What happens if you miss a day?
For the therapeutic benefit of all program participants, it is important that everyone attend all scheduled sessions.  If you are unable to attend for any reason, please contact your counselor or case manager by phone as soon as possible.  Excessive unexcused absences are grounds for discharge from the program.

Do we treat co-existing conditions?
Overall wellness is important to a high-quality life.  While the primary focus of the HHPC outpatient programs is to treat chemical dependency, a number of co-occurring mental and physical health issues can be addressed in the treatment plan.  These will likely involve coordination with and referral to outside providers and it may be recommended that some issues be deferred to a later time.

What is the cost?
Cost is determined by what level of care (OP, IOP, PHP) you participate in.  HHPC works with most major insurance companies on an out of network basis. We are able to check your insurance benefits before you commit to the program and help you understand what sort of insurance coverage you may have for our services.  As with all healthcare, ultimately the level of coverage is determined by your contract with your insurance company.

What if you relapse while in the program?
Because of the chronic nature of addiction, there is the potential for relapse.  If you relapse during the outpatient program you should immediately inform your counselor or case manager.  We will examine the nature of the relapse and help you determine the best course of action. If a higher level of care is recommended, then we will help facilitate that admission.

Are we going to drug test you?
Yes.  Integrity and accountability are important tools for recovery.  Random urine drug screens are conducted during the program. Some of our patients choose to sign up for the additional service of SoberLink, which provides an additional layer of accountability and peace of mind.

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