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Dr. Harry Haroutunian is featured on Talk Recovery Radio Health News Today 02.14.23

Harry L. Haroutunian, MD, FASAM, an Addiction Medicine Specialist with Harry Haroutunian, MD, Recovery & Wellness Network

Cal State ~ San Bernardino

On Tuesday night, March 12th, 2019 Cal State University Associates President, Rod Hendry, introduced Harry Haroutunian, M.D., “Dr. Harry,” to talk about “Prescription Drug Abuse: The Opioid Epidemic.” Dr. Harry has authored two books, Being Sober, and Not as Prescribed. He co-authored, Hijacking theBrain. He has also appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and Dr. Phil.Dr. Harry addressed the tragic crisis […]

Dr Drew Episode

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2017 Living Now Award Winner

Dr. Harry’s book- Not As Prescribed: Recognizing and Facing Alcohol and Drug Misuse in Older Adults won the silver medal for the 2017 Living Now Awards in the health and wellness category.

Why Prescription Drug Misuse Is Becoming A Problem For People Over 50

Karen says she spent 13 years addicted to eight different prescription medications and says no one knew her secret. The former school teacher says it took an overdose, four days in a coma and a family intervention before she finally got help.

Harry L. Haroutunian, M.D. — Top Doctors 2016

Known by patients and colleagues as “Dr. Harry,” Harry L. Haroutunian “was an old-fashioned country doctor,” says the Boston native of the years he spent in family practice in Vermont, often making house calls. He also ran an active sports medicine practice, but his focus changed when he visited Rancho Mirage’s Betty Ford Center as […]

Ask Dr. Harry: Prescription Drug Addiction

Dr. Harry Haroutunian served as Physician Director of the Professionals Program at the Betty Ford Center. Known as Dr. Harry by patients and alumni, he is the author of “Being Sober: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting To, Getting Through and Living in Recovery,” and co-author of “Hijacking the Brain: How Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hijacks […]

Unite to Face Addiction, Dr. Harry is 59 minutes in.

Unite to Face Addiction, Dr. Harry is 59 minutes in.

Dr. Harry Haroutunian : RecoveryView.com

Dr. Haroutunian, best known as “Dr. Harry,” has been practicing medicine for over 30 years.  His inspirations for contributing to the recovery world come directly from science as well as his personal recovery.  He has maintained a longstanding private practice and has consulted with several residential treatment centers in the areas of medication assisted detox […]