- Sober New Year: Living In Sobriety Tips From Dr. Harry

It’s 2020! New Years resolutions abound this time of the New Year, and very few people suffering with an addiction find that they are capable of staying clean and sober without help. If you would like to have a consistently sober New Year, you may want to check out some of the living in sobriety tips from one of the best addiction treatment specialists in the country.

The First Step To Living In Sobriety: Dr. Harry

Getting sober is certainly the first and scariest step, however living in sobriety requires not only getting rid of old habits, but replacing them with healthier and more useful new ones. Depending on how long you were addicted and what type of addiction you had, (and if there are any co-occurring disorders or other medical conditions) according to addiction specialists like Dr. Harry, you should have a plan for a sober routine and outline healthy ways of living in sobriety.

Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian is also known as simply “Dr. Harry” mainly because of his kind and familiar way, which has helped individuals and families suffering from the disease of addiction for nearly 40 years via his role as doctor, author, lecturer, sponsor and friend.

Dr. Harry understands that battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol is a life-long journey and that the road to recovery can be paved with strong cravings, triggers, and the need for an extremely solid foundation for long-term success in sobriety. Although concierge addiction treatment with Dr. Harry can help you through detox, your rehabilitation and recovery phase while continuing to live your life is also important.

It is a mission for Dr. Harry and his team to spread the word about his unique, physician driven addiction solutions for families and individuals afflicted by the disease. In California it is called luxury addiction treatment because Dr. Harry is using the best clinical team, the best evidence-based treatment directives and uncompromising principles to help all of his clients to achieve long-term recovery.

With any good plan, you need a solid foundation and continuing to maintain healthy habits, honesty, surrender, being of service- takes a concerted effort and commitment. Dr. Harry has found that what works best for addicts in recovery are simple solutions, to typical daily challenges, and simple directives.

Dr. Harry’s Living Sober: Replace Old Habits With New Ones In Recovery

Dr. Harry’s living sober tips are suggested to avoid getting overwhelmed by all the changes that you can expect to come with sober living. Try to take things slowly, take things day-by-day, hour-by-hour, or if necessary, even minute-by-minute. In early recovery it is suggested that you do not take on so much responsibility that it has the potential to make you too stressed or overwhelmed to deal with the pressures and therefore prone to relapse.

Here are some tips from Dr. Harry for living in sobriety in 2020:

  • Tip #1 HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. Although these are all basic self-care necessities to practice, if abused, they are also major triggers for addicts. Triggers and cravings are a very real part of recovery. The key to maintaining a life in recovery and healthy sober living is a combination of self-care and self-awareness.
  • Tip #2 Meditation: You may be surprised by the calmness and peace that comes through a short meditation and conscious contact with a higher power. All you have to do is get quiet, be still, focus on your breath and everything becomes much more manageable. You can even practice ‘Living Meditations’ by just being in the moment and not future tripping or wallowing in the “poor me” past.
  • Tip #3 Exercise: Ever notice how you are actually mediating while exercising? Literally “working” “out” whatever is on your mind? Exercise in recovery gives us natural endorphins, which feels good. For us, “feeling good” is essential. Workout and exercise:
  • Tip #4 Get Outside: Let nature nurture, because exposure to health-promoting environments in nature has been increasingly recognized for both preventing and helping treat diseases. Fresh air and sunshine are wonderful antidotes for depression and anxiety. Try out simple activities that are free, like walking, hiking, biking and surfing to establish a deeper connection with nature.
  • Tip #5 Be Grateful: Make a daily gratitude list and keep it simple. Don’t like to journal or write? Get a daily text going with your sponsor or a group of sober friends. An “Attitude Of Gratitude” packs a powerful dose of positivity into any day, and can usually flip that switch from negative to positive for the typical addicts mind. So take a deep breath of gratitude right now.

Dr. Harry and his team know that part of the concern for person who is choosing to seek treatment for substance abuse and addictions is that once they exit a facility or treatment center and re-enter their normal lives may just be too difficult and painful to deal with. That’s why concierge medicine and luxury addiction treatment with Dr. Harry is really one of the best options for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in California!