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Celebrity Drug Treatment - Dr Harry

Celebrity Drug Treatment – Dr Harry

Have you ever dreamed about being famous? If you have, you’ve probably thought about all the perks that may come with celebrity — designer clothes, access to influential people and opportunities most people can only dream of. When people imagine being famous, however, they often don’t consider the loss of privacy and anonymity. Imagine the most difficult challenge you’ve ever faced. What if you had to face that challenge amidst the scrutiny of the public eye and ubiquitous paparazzi? For celebrities who are struggling with addiction, a private celebrity drug treatment program is the most effective way to get and stay healthy.

The Facts About Drug Treatment

Maybe you realized you need help. Maybe your family, friends or agent has finally had the courage to talk to you about getting clean. While many addicts may arrive at this point the same way, how you proceed needs to be different. You need discretion and privacy so your addiction doesn’t overshadow all your professional accomplishments. Dr. Harry L. Haroutunian (simply “Dr. Harry” to his patients), has been helping patients and their families deal with addiction for nearly 40 years and offers individualized celebrity drug treatment. This treatment may include behavioral therapy, medications or a combination of both, depending on the type of drug or drugs used and the patient’s individual needs. Read more about how to help a drug addict.

No one ever plans to become an addict. Some people may be prescribed painkillers after surgery while others may take drugs recreationally. If you notice a feeling that you have to use drugs regularly, you have to take a greater amount to have an effect or you’re having problems at work or in your relationships, you need to get help. No matter how you or your loved one ended up addicted, finding the right celebrity drug treatment is critical to avoid remission or a relapse. Learn more about drug abuse.

Finding the Right Treatment

Before starting his celebrity drug treatment practice, Dr. Harry, who is board-certified in family medicine and addiction, spent the first 30 years of his career in Vermont as a family and sports medicine physician. These years showed him the importance of getting to know his patients as people and treating them based on their individual needs and circumstances, not just their illnesses. Dr. Harry then worked at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California before founding his own practice, Harry Haroutunian, MD, with offices in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills. His practice serves people who need a non-traditional approach to drug treatment in a discreet setting. Dr. Harry works with a small number of patients at a time so he and his team can focus on you or your family member’s individual needs.

This concierge, celebrity drug treatment program includes an evaluation of each patient’s needs, time and resources so Dr. Harry and his team can create the most effective treatment plan. Clients have several options for where their treatment takes place, including the following: in-home care with a 24-hour staff; Dr. Harry’s Outpatient Center; in local accommodations the client chooses; or remotely via telehealth. Dr. Harry’s celebrity drug treatment program is set apart from basic outpatient treatment centers because of the individualized approach and the emphasis on privacy as a necessary part of the program. Another key aspect of this celebrity drug treatment program is the team that helps manage each client, including a licensed medical professional, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, sober coaches, fitness experts, holistic practitioners, spiritual guides and nutritionists. Dr. Harry’s holistic approach to celebrity drug treatment takes into account the social, biological, psychological and spiritual aspects of recovery as well as a plan for after the program ends. Part of this aftercare program addresses the professional environment each patient is returning to after treatment. Dr. Harry knows his clients are more than their addiction and more even than their accomplishments.

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