- Dr. Harry: Your Private Alcoholism Treatment

Dr. Harry: Your Private Alcoholism Treatment - Dr Harry

Dr. Harry: Your Private Alcoholism Treatment – Dr Harry

Are you in need of sobriety, but afraid to seek help due to your celebrity or high-profile status? Dr. Harry and his team of skilled professionals understand how difficult this time is for your family. Now, more than ever it is important to instill the necessary tools to create deep, lasting sobriety so that you or your loved ones can create a healthier, happier life. There is hope, thanks to the one-of-a-kind private alcoholism treatment provided by the renowned addiction specialist, Dr. Harry.

What is Alcoholism?

Our idea of what it means to be an addict and alcoholic has been changing throughout the years. It’s time to leave the stigma behind in order to actively treat this disease. Thanks to new research, we have a better understanding of what alcoholism is and isn’t. According to continued research provided from Hazelden Betty Ford Center, alcoholism is classified as a mental illness because it targets the mind, develops dependent symptoms and creates a persistent need to drink despite the negative social, occupational or legal consequence. These persistent desires become behavioral unless consistent and thorough treatment breaks the habit. This is why it’s imperative to seek out the proper treatment to combat this mental illness.

Why Choose Private Alcoholism Treatment Over Group Therapy?

Some of the many benefits of Dr.Harry’s work is the type of treatment he can offer. Why should you choose private alcoholism treatment versus traditional group therapy? It’s simple: you can feel free to focus on your health and sobriety with the privacy and ability to save your public image. This is why our Private Residency Detox Program is an ideal treatment option to help you detox within the privacy and comfort of a chosen residence.

In a great article by the Zur Institute, you can learn some of the interesting benefits of in-home recovery options that are utilized by Dr. Harry. Recovery is hard enough without the concern of prying eyes and gossip articles. Dr. Harry understands this, which is why the private alcoholism treatment offers total discretion and flexibility within your demanding schedule and needs. You can see some of the many benefits of private alcohol treatment below:

  • Concierge drug and alcohol treatment
  • Privacy and discretion
  • Nationwide 24/7 support staff and service line
  • Remote Therapy in your desired space
  • Flexible with your needs so you can maintain your life as well as get the long-lasting treatment you need!

Furthermore, Dr.Harry’s work doesn’t end after detox; rather, it extends to a signature aftercare treatment to ensure you have everything you need for strong, long-lasting sobriety.

What You Can Expect From Working With Dr. Harry

Now you may be wondering, “What sets Dr. Harry’s practice apart from the basic outpatient treatment centers?” With over 40 years of working with families, celebrities, CEO’s and more, Dr. Harry is known for his renowned and discreet alcoholism treatment. If you’re in a safety-sensitive or celebrity profession, it can be very stressful to maintain your image while seeking the help you need. At our program, we start with a comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnostic evaluation to gather detailed information regarding the best way to both diagnose and treat your alcoholism.

Our unique Outpatient Treatment Center can cater to your specific needs. One such advantage is that this type of unique approach can take traditional month- and year-long programs and condense and mold it to fit your life and produce better, longer-lasting sobriety. Dr. Harry has developed a one-of-a-kind, discreet, and renowned alcohol treatment programs that aim to treat the intricate details of addiction.

Learn more about Dr. Harry’s treatment process here.

Start Your Journey, Today

Everything you need to secure a healthy, long-lasting sobriety is within reach thanks to the skilled team of medical professionals, nutritionist, therapist, trainers and more. Don’t continue to let this affect your life. Reach out to Dr. Harry, today, at Call (760) 674-0005 or visit our contact page to start the road to recovery.